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Wonderful Kitchen Designs
0 comments, 26/04/2014, by in Kitchen

Consider these kitchens by Norema, a Norwegian designer and manufacturer of kitchen cabinetry. Any theme comes magically. Rustic designs appear fresh and inviting, especially when accentuated with abundant cabinet space. Visit link: Wonderful Kitchen Designs Read more...

Open Kitchen Shelves Inspiration
0 comments, 26/04/2014, by in Kitchen

Open sided storage adds a laid back look to a kitchen, as well as keeping cooking and serving essentials easily accessible, but what arrangements will keep your cooking space looking neat and stylish? Excerpt from: Open Kitchen Shelves Inspiration Read more...

Modern Japanese Kitchens
0 comments, 26/04/2014, by in Kitchen

There’s something to be said about these Japanese kitchens - they are sleek, modern, captivating, and makes quite the dynamic statement. You cannot pin them to a particular mood or tone - they can be warm and cozy or cool and clean More: Modern Japanese Kitchens Read more...

Modern Kitchens From Cesar
0 comments, 26/04/2014, by in Kitchen

As one of the better known Italian kitchen companies, turning out designs since 1969, Cesar produce some pretty cool stuff, and this selection gives a taster of their current offerings should you be in the market for a new culinary space. As usual the range is shown in a way that the majority of us... Read more...

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