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Taoyuanju Office by Vector Architects
0 comments, 26/04/2014, by in Offices

This renovated office in China by Vector Architects features plant-covered walls and a bright orange glass meeting room. Perforated steel panels surround a staircase that connects each of the three office floors. Plants sprout from the walls behind the staircase and stay watered through an inbui... Read more...

Kellogg’s Flexible Madrid Headquarters
0 comments, 26/04/2014, by in Offices

Kellogg’s Spain recently moved offices in an attempt to reduce operating costs and save space, and ended up with a Flexible Workplace where employees were able to work more freely and comfortably resulting in higher retention rates. The project’s design and Flexible Work consulting were complete... Read more...

Microsoft Israel’s New Lobby and Dining Room
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Microsoft Israel recently revamped the lobby and dining room areas of their Raanana offices with the help of Ron Grinberg Architects and Ophir Nafshi Architects. “The lobby is the space that represents the new face of Microsoft towards the visitors and external partners. This space is used for e... Read more...